What are the aspects of precision injection molds used to quote

Recently, I received a lot of inquiries about precision injection molds, and after the price was quoted, the response was too expensive and not in the expected range. Why are precision injection molds so expensive?

In fact, whether a precision injection mold is expensive or not is not under the control of the quoted manufacturer, but depends on the customer's own choice. There are more than 100 factors affecting the price of a set of precision injection mold, and each of them is divided into different grades.

First of all, it depends on the steel, you can choose cheap steel such as 45 (about 10-15 a kilo), or 420-STAVAX ESR (S136) (about 130 a kilo), or you can ask for the steel that can provide the original material certificate.

Then is your requirements for mold life, you can choose 1000 times ~ 1 million times the mold, which is also one of the important factors affecting the quotation.

And the product surface requirements, you can choose A0, A1 ..... D2,D3 ,etc. Different SPI requirements, the price of sunburst and mirror surface is also a big difference.

The choice of the number of cavities, from 1-128 different choices of cost will naturally be different. The higher the number of cavities required, the higher the price.

Besides, there are low-end and high-end options for hot runners. The price of low-end is about 3500/point, and the price of high-end is about 35000/point, and the price difference is 10 times.

Like other components on the precision injection mold such as cylinders and standard parts including slant tops, sliders, etc. The choice is the same.

All these factors depend on the customer's choice and cause the different price of each set of precision injection mold.

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